Kangariilla Room ('Caring Place' - Peramangk Language)

The Kangariilla room caters for children aged from 3 months to 2 years. We can have up to 8 children in the Kangariilla room, and for these 8 children we have 2 educators in the room.
Educators base the program and daily routines around the children attending each day and cater to each child’s needs and interests.

We recognise the importance of establishing close relationships with parents at this time - as this early stage of development is critical to a child's learning and wellbeing.

We are able to use the information provided by families to guide our program and share the children's progress with parents and educators in the Tii-taka Room to ensure a smooth transition.

We aim to provide a warm welcoming nuturing environment where families will feel secure in the knowledge that their young child is in good hands.




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