governing council

The Governing Council is responsible for the financial running of the centre, implementation of D.E.C.D. policy, employing Child Care Staff and any centre development. Being on the Governing Council means attending monthly meetings and supporting functions. The more people who are involved, the better it is. It might even be fun?

Areas of interest on the Council include: maintenance of grounds, fundraising, playgroup, staffing and policy. The AGM is advertised via the newsletter. If you are interested in joining the Governing Council please tell a staff member.'

How Can You Become Involved In the Centre?

Parental and family involvement in our Centre is encouraged and welcomed. We recognise that people have many and varied skills to contribute. We suggest that parents become involved in the Centre to the level with which they feel comfortable.

Suggestions for involvement

  • Governing Council membership.
  • Involvement on sub-committees e.g. Fundraising, budget.
  • Sharing of skills and knowledge e.g. Storytelling, Cooking.
  • Multi-Cultural input.

In addition to the above we would like to stress that parents are welcomed to attend Governing Council Meetings, are encouraged to offer feedback to staff and management are welcomed visitors to the Centre at all times.